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About Online Addiction Therapy

What Does an Addiction Counselor Do?

An addiction counselor helps identify behavior issues associated with substance or alcohol abuse, and provides a treatment and recovery plan in order to facilitate a full recovery from an addiction or addictive behavior.

Will I Have to Check Myself into a Drug Rehab Center?

Often, it is noted that there is a higher chance of relapse if an addict is kept in a controlled environment for a fixed amount of time, because as soon as they are let out, they have a sense of freedom that is accompanied by the same intense craving for the addictive substance or behavior. However, online addiction therapy focuses on changing the addictive behavior and develop coping skills to prevent relapse.

What Happens in an Online Addiction Therapy Session?

In an online addiction therapy session, the substance abuse therapist will get to know the patient and ask questions related to their addictive behavior. After, the therapist will provide a treatment plan and work on building healthier habits to have control over their cravings. The therapist may also provide nutritional counseling to help detox the body and overcome the negative effects of withdrawal as a result of the addiction.